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I wanted to share a poem I wrote a while back discussing the different forms of worship.

Reflection: what are the various forms of worship we do on a daily basis?

Image courtesy of Nora Elgalad

First published in MBMuslima Magazine

A poem about the many forms of worship because worship does not only mean to pray and fast but to incorporate it in every action that we do because Allah (swt) loves it and we do it for His sake only.



written by Mariam Al-Kalby


It is the things that Allah loves:

Whispering Bismillah over a steaming plate of chicken biryani,

struggling to brush your little sister’s tangled black hair, or

the charitable goofy smile you spread

at another student, whose tears are escaping

into her turkey sandwich at lunch time while

the wind flaps at the lettuce leaf wilting

beneath the layers of tomato and mayo.


When you gently pour the milk into your kitten’s ceramic dish,

when you wave to your Qu’ran teacher after class,

reciting Surah Yasin before you do your math homework,

and taking out the trash that smells like dead fish for your dad

because he broke his leg at the construction site.


It’s saying jazakum allhu khair to your Aunt Layla for baking

you a red velvet cake because you memorized the first juza, and

going to bed at 9pm before your mother normally

drags you to the bedroom while your feet get carpet burns.

It’s washing your dishes and your grandma’s mug she likes

to drink Earl Grey Tea from.


It’s before you go out to kick the soccer ball around after Asr or

rearranging the dolls on your bookshelf before Maghrib.

It’s that crisp apple you reach for in the fridge

instead of dipping your dirty hands into the cookie jar before dinner,

and it’s eagerly getting up for Fajr before the adhan,

stumbling to the bathroom to make wudu, and it’s

you surfing the web for stories of the prophets instead of playing

the usual video games that make you resemble a zombie.


It’s saying thank you or making wudu when you are angry,

and telling your friends that they should not say that Ayah has big ears.

It’s when your little brother Omar wants your new basketball and with

ease, you bring it down and hand it to him and kiss his auburn hair, telling him

that he should go have fun.


When you say salam to a stranger with a golden hijab,

and it’s when you cautiously carry the silver tray of mint

tea and Maria biscuits to your parents’ guests,

and it’s saying alhumdulliah instead of complaining

that Adnan has more comic books than you do.


It is watching the red sun melt behind the mountains

and having a fear grow like ivy in our hearts

as we remember that Allah is All-Knowing

and He loves when our everyday actions are for Him only.