The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched- they must be felt in the heart.

Helen Keller

There is no such thing as “world peace”

Image courtesy of John WP

We are always searching for peace in our lives.

It is when we sip chamomile tea before bedtime.  It is working in the garage to relieve some stress.  It is seeing the children asleep, happy and healthy.

But the peace that people advocate, “world peace,” is not attainable and unreachable in this dunya (life).  The reality is there is no such thing as peace when it comes to running and ruling the world.  The word that we are seeking for is justice.

Peace only exists in Jennah (heaven).  Truly.  Our Creator has created Earth where man must carry out justice and fair due.  Peace is a word that has a connotation that refers to perfection and Allah has reserved that “world” in Paradise.

There is no such thing as peace when there will always be violence and an unharmonious world.  There will be disagreements, different mentalities, and different ideologies as to how to run our little universe.  This is natural and that is the way life is but that is not to say we are all going to load our guns and shoot one another (even though that does happen unfortunately).

Our focus should not be “world peace” but rather creating “world justice” and dealing out reasonable and appropriate punishments to the crimes.

If horrible and wretched things and situations did not exist on earth or this life there would be peace.  It would be paradise.  But we are not in paradise but rather residing in a place where we are tested in our lives to see if we will make it to live in another life, a life where we do not search for peace but are living it.

What do you think-is there such thing as peace in this life?  Does the word “justice” replace what we are truly scouting this dunya for?