You Only Live Twice

Oh Syria, how you make me weep…

No one is free when others are oppressed.



I don’t know who exactly said that but that is very true. ¬†With regards to Syria and its murdered people…

How can one be free if there are others starving, homeless, loveless, addicted, lonely… dying unlawfully?

Freedom does not exist when other people are being deprived of their rights- their right to live and prosper.

The ones who are “free” are not really so because there is work to be done and that is taking on the responsibility of trying to fight for other people’s freedom that has been withheld from them.

Freedom is suppressing the selfish desires of turning away and unshackling the victims of oppression.

We can help in so many ways; I think people tend to believe helping is in the traditional forms, which is admirable and honorable (charity, volunteer, donating).

But fighting for justice has many different branches:

making du’aa (or praying)

checking on people whose families and friends have been affected

writing about it (internet, stories, poems, publicizing it in some form)

creating organizations

making people aware about it

do lectures, speeches on the subject

posters/tshirts/wristbands etc.

These ideas are not new and they all have been done but it is just a reminder that each one of us can participate in one way or another.

Pray and fight for what’s right.

oppression 2

oppression 2 (Photo credit: oceandesetoiles)

What are other ways to help Syria?