Searching for Conversation

Image courtesy of Chris Weigand

As  living souls, we are all looking for a connection, a bond, something to get attached to, to seek comfort in.

This is how we are and that is how Allah has made us.  He has formed us this way in order for us to turn to Him and seek His guidance, help, and comfort.

But people lead different paths to find this connection and this sort of conversation to another higher power.

People may not think about it or intentionally seek this type of connection out but we all do in some way.

We have to whether we like it or not, no matter how we try to avoid it…or turn away.

Every single soul needs a connection and something to worship in order for it to survive and thrive in this dunya.

This is true because it is in our fitrah to seek something to fill the void of worship.

Everyone worships something but a lot of times people worship things without  realizing it or the wrong/superficial/fickle things.

Our bodies and our minds have been created to worship but to whom and where to direct this necessity is where people differ.

For some it may celebrities.

Others, money and fame temporarily takes over their being.

Many of our souls have stumbled and sucked into worshipping our work, our children, our spouses, our homes, our cars.

People worship their hobbies and interests.

But we have been created to supplicate and prostrate to Allah only.

“I created man and jinn for no other purpose than to worship Me only.” (Dhariyat 51:56)

He does not need anything from us but we need Him.

All the praying, fasting, and the accumulation of good deeds we try to hoard in our baskets, well, we do it for His sake but it helps us in the end.  It is for us.

Why would a Creator need anything from us?

It is the servants actually serving themselves when they embrace Allah and His commands.

When observing this photograph at  the Western Wall, a prayer, a request, or a personal wish stuffed into crevices, Jews desperately searching and trying to have a continual conversation with God, an eagerness, a heightened fervor to reach the ultimate Power…

As Muslims, we are always conversing with our Creator.

For us, there is a sense of calm and serenity because we know He is listening.  We are confident that He is there for us, even if at times our emaan is low, we know He is not far off.

The souls stuffing notes in the walls- they are seeking.  It is not confirmed as to whether or not it has been reached to God.

For us, it has been reached and there is never a hesitation that He did not hear us, He is As-Sami.

He heard us before we even formed the feelings and words in our hearts.

Our conversation and worship of Allah comes in all sorts of forms but what is amazing is we can essentially talk to Him at any time.

He is always there, ever watchful, and the best of listeners.

We do not have to go out of our way to have this continual communication.

Allah does not want to burden his servants so He creates worship in an effortless way.

“Allah intends for you ease, and does not want to make things difficult for you” (2:185).

As a Muslim, Allah makes it accessible to reach Him.

Whether it is through our daily prayers, du’ah, or just simply uttering words of praise in His favor, this is all considered our version of having this dialogue between the servant and His Creator.

Just the beating of our heart is enough to communicate our worldly fears and concerns to Him.

It is as simple as closing our eyes and listening to our heart and unshackling our words from the walls…

Allah is there.   He is listening.

When and where do you converse with your Creator?  Who and what do you worship?  Why?


2 thoughts on “Searching for Conversation

  1. I am a Christian, Mariam, and so for me God is also immediately accessible, thanks to the self-sacrifice of Jesus Christ. I know that God hears my prayers, although his answer may not always be what I want. It will certainly be what I need. Tomorrow is Palm Sunday and the beginning of our Holy Week, but we have been preparing our hearts for this since the beginning of Lent. Easter (next Sunday) is the most joyous time of the year for us, the day Jesus rose from the dead and ended all our fears about death.
    Thank you for sharing your faith. It is good to know what is in another person’s heart. We may worship differently, but our prayers are all being heard. May you be blessed in your daily life. – Mollie

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