Learning from Children’s Books

Children’s books are not only for children: they carry a deeper message for some of us.

Some message that we may have missed growing up.  A moral, a tale, a story that enlightens the child’s mind, ignites an awakening of understanding…

As readers and knowledge seekers, it is a good idea to take a break from the adult books we engage in and reach for a children’s book.  There may have been ideas and thoughts lost along the way as we aged, matured, and grew away from the small things embedded in those pages for the young.

We should pick one up and be reminded of things that we need to remember.  Appreciate the simple concepts that go deep into our identity.  We have steered clear of children’s books because, well, they are for children, unless we have some kids of our own.

But we need to rethink this because we can be reminded, be enlightened with something new, or read lines in a different way we have never thought of, or just purely reminisce of the past before.

What are some of your favorite books growing up?  Why?  Why do you think it is beneficial to read it now as an adult?


6 thoughts on “Learning from Children’s Books

  1. Graet post! 🙂
    Now when I have a son… I’m reading to him the books from my childhood… and I’m thinking that it is very interesting to read one book at different ages 🙂 You see one thing when you are a child and other as an adult 🙂 I’ve read “The Little Prince” when I was a kid and I’ve been reading this book many times since then 🙂
    P.S. Exuse me for my bad english… 🙂

  2. This rings very true for me, especially this week. For a school project we are taking inspiration from nursery rhymes. Reading them over did not bring back any specific memories, but more a childlike feeling of gratitude for my family.

    And of course, the pictures are wonderful. While I enjoy forming my own images when I read a book, there is very little more satisfying then finding a perfectly illustrated picture-book.

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