Cursing kills creativity

Besides the fact that curse words are inappropriate, disrespectful, crude, hurtful, and un-Islamic, they are completely unoriginal and uncreative when it comes to describing feelings and situations.

It is a lazy man’s substitute for something perhaps greater and more profound but he opts to throw in a lovely curse word.

It is not “artistic” nor “creative” when one uses this vulgarity.

Art is about being specific and trying to create an exact meaning of things. 

The curse words block any attempt for creativity to flourish.

People are unable to extract various interpretations of the art piece (movies, song lyrics, writings, etc.) when a vulgar word takes the stance of something meaningful.

The quality of the artistic expression is lost when it has been wrung through the cursing machine. 

Image courtesy of Brittany Romo (Thank you for creating this!)

Even fantasy creatures do not appreciate such lazy language and will fight to be expressed in a more profound manner…

Art gains its intrigue, originality, and creativity when the curse word is replaced with something more visual and better promotes understanding of the work.

For example, if one was to read about someone who just heard his wife got into an accident, he could replace the cursing the character might say with something significant.

Or the writer can illustrate an image of how much pain and shock the person is going through in his writing piece.

The quality wanes when cursing is involved in a could-be-masterpiece.

Don’t let cursing kill creativity.

What do you think…does cursing lessen the quality of art?  Is it a lazy man’s substitute for something more enlightening?  Why or why not?


8 thoughts on “Cursing kills creativity

  1. Mariam, this is very insightful. I have often felt that cursing was lazy speak for what we really wanted to convey, yet I never thought about it so deeply as this. Thank you!
    And thank you for visiting me today. ~ Lynda

  2. Thank you for visiting About Sound and Vision.

    In 1995 David Bowie did a tour with Trent Reznor’s Nine Inch Nails. Trent is extremely talented, but he spoils his material with excessive, constant cursing. David used only 1 curse word in his set (Andy Warhol), and it was tastefully done for emphasis.

    A funny thing happened after the U.S. tour moved to the orient.

    David has a long standing love affair with the gentleness of the eastern peoples, and that solitary curse word disappeared from his set.

    Did the performance (art) suffer? NOT AT ALL!

    I applaud you for speaking up on this topic. Peace be your companion forever.

  3. What an interesting topic. I think you are right, curse words can be used really lazily if there is too much repetition of the same ones over and over. A lot of American stand-ups try to make up for their poor material with rude language and swearing. But that’s lazy uncreative people cursing. I believe it takes a lot creativity to come up with some really witty interesting curse words. You should have heard my grandma, she was a champ at that.

    They also tell you a lot about a culture. Usually when you learn a new language curse words are unavoidably one of the first things you learn, because every culture and every language has them – excessively. It’s a human thing- animals don’t curse. So if you wouldn’t have any cursing in a story then the character would be flat and unhuman, unless of curse it is the the nature of the character to repress it. Maybe he/she is an uncreative character, then his lack of pronounced elocution would actually underline that. I think the use of those words always depends on the situation.

    And swear words actually have a purpose,. Believe it or not, they do reduce pain! If you hit your finger with a hammer or poke it with needle you don’t go “oh my this really hurt” – no in that instant you curse really loudly (or muffled between clenched teeth) and this releases neurotransmitters which make it easier for you to endure pain. That’s a scientific fact 🙂 So don’t rule them out quite yet. They are like the wasps of language, they don’t seem to have a purpose and just sting, but in fact they are important for the entire ecosystem.

    • Thank you for your insightful feedback! Well you could replace that curse word with a better one by practicing and then you’ll still be able to let the pain out but by saying a more appropriate word.

  4. When I was a very young child, my father, a pastor, used to tell his children that cursing would cause those who heard it from your lips to believe that you were lazy and uneducated. I think that there is great wisdom in this explanation.

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