Where Children Sleep

Images courtesy of James Mollison

I know this isn’t new but James Mollison and his stunning photography in regards to children just gets me thinking everytime.  He was so objective, and clean with his work…I admired that restraint.

The way he took his subjects and separated them from their environments was creative.

As an artist, he made you make your own judgements and observations about what you saw and didn’t see.

He just took the time to go around and capture what we would not have known…like the details of these children’s lives.

This is a great book to have on your children’s book shelf; not only should children have textbooks, stories, fairytales, and comics, but real images of children like them who live in different environments.

You know how we used to always hear from our parents or say now to kids, “Oh the kids are starving in China” or “Some kids in Africa have no proper bed to sleep on”…well just hand over the book to them and it will do all the work for you.

It’s an excellent reference book to the “reality” of this world.  This also would be an awesome coffee table book as well.

What do you think…should every child have this on their bookshelf?  Why or why not?

Here are some of the photos that are just amazing:


6 thoughts on “Where Children Sleep

  1. excellent photographs. actually a very creative approach to the subject of childhood. and painfully true. I think that was a great opportunity to show child how diverse the world is, how others live. instructive. I would like to have this book as well. perhaps will look for it the bookshop.

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