Building an identity

I went to an Islamic Relief fundraiser and watched speakers and videos about the people who were worse off than the rest of us.

There was something that struck me as I watched and learned about things throughout that night.

The really amazing thing about Islamic Relief was that it was not just an organization that helped people with money or materialistic objects but it helped them create an identity and build self-esteem.

A time where these individuals were at their lowest and their worst came an organization that built this power of a can-do attitude to take care of one’s self, family, and community.

Islamic Relief made sure these communities were given the basic supplies (food, shelter, clothing, etc.) but it went farther and deeper into the roots of survival. 

They tried to create schools and classes and give these people tools to be able to survive on their own.

Make their own money, do their own work, being able to stand on their own feet.  This organization assisted them in building their own futures.

It has not only been successful for people to be able to live an ordinary life but gain this sense of identity, self-esteem, and power when they thought they could never taste those attributes.

No longer did they feel they were beggars, or people to feel sorry for.  No longer did they feel that they were too helpless or unworthy.

This is what a successful organization entails: giving and educating those who lack tools and knowledge needed for survival because they in turn will give back to the community and the world.

What a truly inspiring and amazing feat.

What do you think builds identity?


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