No don’t worry, you won’t be adding any broken crayons to this dish but for my daughter apparently she thought this version would taste better.  She whipped up a batch of Chaat Masala Chickpeas with broken crayons.


Notice the crayons still with their wrappings?  Yes, well, I heard they taste better and gives the dish enough texture.  Oh yes, uncooked chickpeas seem the way to go for toddlers these days.  Yum.

So I promised a recipe.  Well here it is, but be warned it is my version of chaat masala chickpeas.  And for sure, they are better than my daughter’s way of making it.

You can adjust the measurements to your liking and add other things if you prefer.  I love that it is healthy, no cooking required (if your using cans), flavorful, very filling for the belly, and satisfying to the tastebuds.

Chaat Masala Chickpea Recipe

Cooked chickpeas

cooked pinto beans (optional) I added these because they were sitting in the fridge bored

3 diced Roma tomotoes

1/2 an onion, finely chopped

finely chopped cilantro and flat leaf parsley

one squeezed lemon juice

Chaat Masala seasoning (I used the Shan brand) sprinkled to your liking

1. Rinse the beans from the cans.

2. Mix beans and all the ingredients together well.

3. Add the squeezed lemon juice and garnish with a cilantro leaf.

3. Share with friends and family and don’t forget to say “Bismillah!”

Excuse me while I go pick the broken crayons out of my dried chickpeas…enjoy!


What ingredients would you add in your Chaat Masala dish?


4 thoughts on “Chaat Masala Chickpea Recipe

  1. I worked with little ones for many years. This does not surprise, but it does tickle me! So sweet, so fun, I miss preschool. The recipe (yours) sounds delicious too! ~ Lynda

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